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Conveyors For Agriculture & Industry
​​The modern way to move Bulk Grain or Super combining high capacity with no damage or loss to product. This unique system uses a low friction PVC belt running in a fully enclosed tube eliminating contamination and losses. The construction of the unit makes it self supporting and fully protects the belt.

Tubulators work at steeper angles than normal conveyors. Maximum efficiency is obtained when operating at between 25 and 30 degrees on most materials. A guide to the length required:

Silo or Discharge Height x 2.4 = Length of Tubulator


Models Available

  •  Model 150        6" Tube         230mm (9") wide belt up to 50 T.P.H.

  •  Model 200        8" Tube         300mm (12") wide belt up to 100 T.P.H.

  •  Model 250        10" Tube       380mm (15") wide belt up to 150 T.P.H.

  •  Model 300        12" Tube       400mm (16") wide belt up to 200 T.P.H.


Available in various lengths to suit your needs. The rollers have external bearings for ease of maintenance and are rubber coated.

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