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A specialist range of products designed to meet your needs. Riteway can manufacture to your specific requirements. Please select from our range of products to view individual categories.

​​The modern way to move Bulk Grain or Super combining high capacity with no damage or loss to product. This unique system uses a low friction PVC belt running in a fully enclosed tube eliminating contamination and losses. The construction of the unit makes it self supporting and fully protects the belt.

Grain Cleaner

The Grain Cleaner from Riteway Farming is the perfect solution for crop residue management.


Seed & Super Bins

Our bins are made to your specifications with 2, 3, 4 or 6 compartments. Hydraulic or petrol driven, one piece or split, with hydraulic lids or rollover tarp's. All our seed super bins have high discharge capacity and compartment sizes can be configured in any combination.

Tailgate/Bagging Doors

The Radio Controlled Actuator is a unique device for controlling up to 6 actuators from a distance of up to 30 metres with a hand-held radio transmitter. It provides a relatively low cost, simple, compact and highly secure method of controlling the position of virtually any actuator.

Trailers & Other Products

Please contact us to discuss any requirements, everything is made to order.

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